The social hall is as much a center of our life together as the sanctuary.

Nuevo Amanecer (New Day) is a Christian ministry in East Boston. We aim to make listening our primary spiritual practice. We listen to the way God is speaking to us. We listen to our community and learn how we can best share God's love with our neighbors. We are here to listen to you.

At Nuevo Amanecer you will find a group of people who are striving to understand who God is calling us to be as individuals and as a community. Come and see what the Spirit is doing here. Pray with us. Eat with us. Help us to figure out how our dream and God's dream come together to make Christ's light shine in East Boston.



You may be surprised by what you find. Nuevo Amanecer began as an exploration of Spanish language ministry located at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church. Because we have such a strong partnership with an established congregation, we are free to be creative and try new things as we learn how God is calling us to be the church in this place. Our priority is to create spaces where you can have an encounter with Jesus. We think that makes our church pretty special. Through our time here, we've discovered four primary areas to focus our energy on:

  • Chaplaincy to the East Boston Community Soup Kitchen (EBCSK)
    Beginning in 2016 as a combined effort of a variety of community members, EBCSK is working towards becoming an independent organization housed in the church. We support their leadership and provide chaplaincy to the guests in a community-oriented fashion. We also work closely with the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center to connect our community members to support services, such as food, housing, and addiction treatment. 
  • Chaplaincy to leaders in the 28 Paris Street Community
    In addition to EBCSK, we also support the leadership of other organizations that meet in the church, such as Stand for Democracy, an interfaith organizing group currently focused on housing issues; MassCOSH, which advocates and organizes for workers' rights; City Life/ Vida Urbana which advocates and organizes on tenants' rights, to name a few. We are particularly proud of our work with Stand for Democracy, with whom we have partnered to develop a faith-rooted organizing curriculum that trains members to lead people of faith in community activism.
  • Ongoing development of the 28 Paris Street Community
    Following tenets of liberation theology, we are working to develop a base community that is a cross-section of the different justice-focused groups that share our building. We provide space for spiritual reflection through our monthly celebrations the first Saturday of each month from 4 to 7. By consulting with the Friends of Our Saviour's Lutheran Church group, we are also encouraging leadership and care of the building that truly reflects and consists of those who use it. Members of the base who wish to go deeper are invited to increase their leadership capacity through our peer chaplaincy program.
  • Consultation with Our Saviour's Lutheran Church on bilingual worshipNuevo Amanecer began as a separate worshiping congregation from Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, but over time we discerned the desire to join the two. Over time, we've moved from having only one joint bilingual service per month to having each service be bilingual, either in print or in presentation. We've even had a number of members of Nuevo Amanecer formally join Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, giving them a voice and vote in church leadership decisions. Each week, we work together to prepare a bilingual bulletin and service.   

We believe that the community has all of the resources we need to address the poverty, racism, and other injustices that our neighbors face. We also believe that the trauma many of our constituents have suffered prevents us from having access to all of the resources we need to achieve the structural changes necessary for liberation. Liberation is, at its root, a spiritual experience. Our goal is that each person will experience liberation from the dehumanizing lies that might otherwise keep them in chains and come to know themselves as beloved children of God with spiritual gifts meant for the liberation of the whole creation.

Some people will visit us once. Some spend a few weeks or months with us to hear the message of Christ's love we preach. Others commit to become disciples, to identify the gifts God has given them, and to learn basic spiritual practices like prayer, reading scripture, confession of sin, caring for our neighbors, and how to work for justice in community.

We value our partners. They pray for us, support us financially, and help us to hear God's voice. We could not do this ministry without them.